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I am currently closed to unsolicited queries. Please see below for the kinds of things I'm looking for when I am open, and refer to this page for my contact info/submission guidelines. Sadly, I do not represent picture books, chapter books, poetry, screenplays, or serious nonfiction.

This page is updated as often as possible. For the agency's monthly wishlist, you may also visit the blog here.

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I represent authors writing fiction for young adults. My taste is varied and I'm always looking to fall in love totally by surprise. I gravitate toward strong characters, poignancy and humor. I'm often won over by beautiful writing and anything that can make me cry. I don't often go for historical, but again, surprise me! These days, I'm looking specifically for:

  • Marginalized voices, intersectional diversity
  • Emotional, funny contemporary inspired by the Upright Citizens Brigade or set around an improv
  • Narratives that sensitively explore the intersection of comedy/humor and depression/mental illness
  • Funny People, The Skeleton Twins for teens
  • Wet Hot American Summer for teens
  • A once-in-a-lifetime adventure story set against the backdrop of a storm, flood, blackout, natural disaster
  • Queer characters of color in happy and hopeful stories
  • Literary magical realism
  • Family stories that explore sibling relationships
  • Stories that feel like indie movies
  • Seldom-explored settings and locations — non-US, non-European
  • Both high and light fantasy: I want to see really lush world-building, complicated characters, and cinematic feel
  • Experimental story structures, groundbreaking and innovative narratives
  • Irreverent, funny friendship stories
  • Fresh vampire YA

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I am excited to find more upper middle grade stories and am open to all genres. Send me:

  • Literary fantasy or magical realism with a classic feel
  • Diverse voices in any genre
  • Fun, big concept adventures
  • Queer characters

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I represent select commercial fiction for adults. I'm not totally right for cozies, historical fiction, adult fantasy or science fiction. But I would love to see:

  • Fiction featuring millennial characters
  • More diversity in my adult submissions in general
  • Smart, upmarket, female-driven suspense
  • Stories with heart, like Where’d You Go Bernadette and The Memory Garden
  • Gripping, eloquent, heartfelt women's fiction

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The non-fiction part of my list is still small and I'm not looking for any serious nonfiction like business or biography, sports, or reference. I'm also not right for inspirational memoir or self-help books. But I'd like to find a few more projects to add to my list, such as:

  • Cookbooks with well-developed ideas and platforms
  • The occasional funny blogger / pop culture project