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I am currently open to unsolicited queries. Please see below for the kinds of things I am looking for, and refer to this page for my contact info/submission guidelines. I represent authors writing middle grade and young adult fiction. I gravitate toward strong characters, poignancy, and humor. I like anything on the spectrum of literary to commercial as long as it’s a story well told and characters I won’t soon forget. Sadly, I do not represent picture books, chapter books, graphic novels, poetry, screenplays, adult fiction, or nonfiction.

This page is updated as often as possible.

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My taste is varied and I’m always looking to fall in love totally by surprise. Send me:

  • Fantasy that follows characters and narratives outside of royalty and court settings
  • Realistic contemporary with a surreal twist or something just slightly off
  • Marginalized voices, especially intersectional
  • Emotional, funny contemporary that sensitively explores the intersection of comedy and mental illness
  • Funny People for teens
  • A once-in-a-lifetime romantic adventure story set against the backdrop of a storm, flood, blackout, natural disaster
  • Queer characters of color in happy, joyful stories
  • Family/sibling stories
  • Anything with an indie-movie feel
  • Seldom-explored mythologies and histories
  • Cinematic fantasy, either high or low
  • Experimental story structures; groundbreaking and innovative narratives that take risks
  • Irreverent friendship stories
  • Fresh vampire takes
  • Rom-coms
  • Stories and narratives that take risks
  • Ambitious storytelling
  • Weird stuff. Blow my mind!

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I am excited to find more upper middle-grade stories and am open to all genres. Send me:

  • Show me a world or topic that has been seldom seen, that feeling of being an ultimate fan of something and needing to turn all your friends on to it
  • Literary fantasy or magical realism with a classic feel
  • Lush, sophisticated worlds
  • Madcap adventures with large, dynamic casts of characters
  • High concept fantasy with a strong series hook
  • Any genre that features queer characters
  • Powerful realistic and speculative that explores tough topics